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Yoga in Hotel Neuhaus****S


If you are looking for a yoga weekend in Austria, the four-star superior Hotel NEUHAUS in Saalbach is the right place for you. Yoga is always the focus here.

Yoga on the mountain

Yoga in the valley. Yoga in between

Yoga is almost like a journey through time, and has been for thousands of years, as a spiritual Indian teaching for mental and physical exercises that served enlightenment. The many exercises were developed much later because the yogis wanted to keep the body flexible and strong for long meditations, for example in the lotus position. It soon became apparent that the asanas not only made you fit for meditation, but also improved your physical well-being. In addition to asanas (postures), we are particularly familiar with pranayamas (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditation) in all possible variations.

Yoga with Thea Pernack

Our Thea Pernack is a globetrotter who has lived and travelled on different continents. She feels happiest when hiking in the mountains or on the beach, surfing, always taking the time to savour the scent of flowers and nature.

Thea firmly believes that yoga is a philosophy of life that uplifts the spirit and enables a happy life.
She first took part in a yoga class at the age of 17 and has since integrated yoga into her everyday life.
In 2016, she completed her 200-hour training in Power Vinyasa Yoga. She has been practising Ashtanga yoga since 2017
with SYC-authorised teachers.

For Thea, yoga is based on moral principles and is not a question of physical ability,
but of spiritual connection. She is committed to making yoga accessible to everyone and to making traditional yoga
yoga understandable for everyone. Yoga is seen as a daily practice for inner peace and not as a competitive sport.

As a guest of our hotel, you too can be be inspired by Thea and yoga.

Yoga brings energy and power

Practising yoga trains flexibility, strength and muscle endurance. At the same time, blood circulation is improved and the back muscles are strengthened. Posture is optimised and the sense of balance is activated. Yoga has a meditative effect and reduces the feeling of stress.

Yoga in combination with the impressions of the alpine mountain world is a special sensual experience. On the mountain, in the valley and in between On idyllic alpine meadows, in a clearing in the larch forest right next to a picturesque stream or on one of the mountain peaks around the NEUHAUS.

‘Yoga on the mountain is the connection between Mother Earth and the air (prana = life energy), which brings a whole new quality of life. The immune system is activated, holistic health is promoted and the entire organism is relaxed and rejuvenated. Circulation and metabolism are set in motion in the mountain air. The organs are supplied with oxygen and the lungs are really cleaned out.’

Our yoga programme
for an unforgettable yoga experience

Yoga and hiking

Yoga in nature is also walking, hiking, strolling. And therefore meditation ‘We walk together through beautiful nature to a place we like. This could be a forest clearing, a meadow or a small peak. The body is activated and in motion. The mind has already calmed down through meditation. All the senses are open and ready. Yoga and hiking is the ideal combination of dynamism and relaxation. The body is activated and then relaxes again.’

5 principles of yoga

More than sun salutations, asanas and drinking tea

Yoga was practised in India 4,000 years ago and has inspired people all over the world ever since. So what is the secret to the success of these meditative relaxation exercises?

Many people try yoga because they want to improve their flexibility, others try it to treat their back or to find their own centre. Yoga is a holistic system that consists of the following five principles.

Proper relaxation

The mind drives matter. But it also works the other way round, so one thing is certain: if we succeed in freeing our muscles from tension, our mind also relaxes. Proper relaxation awakens incredible reserves of energy, helps to shake off fears and worries and thus makes a significant contribution to our health.

Correct exercises

The individual yoga exercises (asanas) have an effect on the whole body. The spine and joints remain flexible and the individual muscles are strengthened. The exercises not only have a stimulating effect on the circulation, but also on the glands and internal organs.

Correct breathing

Many people breathe shallowly and superficially, which means they only use a small part of their lungs and feel tired and exhausted. Correct yoga breathing, consisting of abdominal, chest and collarbone breathing, ensures that the whole body is adequately supplied with oxygen. In addition to yoga breathing, there are also special breathing exercises that help us to gain control over our prana (life energy). Yoga breathing (pranayama) revitalises the body, calms the emotions and creates clarity.

Proper nutrition

The diet of yogis is simple: fresh, light and nutritious food made from fruit, grains and vegetables. These foods provide the body with ‘first-hand energy’ and keep it slim and agile. The mind is cleansed and calmed. 

Positive thinking and meditation

The goal of meditation is the inner peace of the soul. Meditation is the practice of constant observation of the mind. It teaches us to concentrate the mind on one point and calm it down. The mind is guided from constant movement to a state of rest and its attention is focussed inwards on the self.

To put it in a nutshell: Yoga is based on the teaching: ‘Live simply and think nobly.’

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