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The most important thing is to find yourself beautiful. It is often not enough to be beautiful. Because only those who love themselves can also feel beautiful. Set a sign of love! Allow yourself time just for yourself. As a symbol of a new self-awareness. And for inner beauty.

True beauty comes from within. But a little help from the outside often acts like a turbo to make your own beauty really shine..

I am worth it

I treat myself



Treatment Price
Basic treatment: cleansing, massage, mask or ampoule € 77,–
Face, neck and décolleté treatment with peeling and ampoule € 114,–
Thalassotherapy for the face (supply of vitamins and minerals) € 128,–
Face modeling (effect treatment) € 77,–
Special cleansing treatment with peeling massage € 77,–
Hydration treatment (intensive moisturizing) € 129,–
Facial massage € 55,–
Special face and head massage € 62,–
Special eye treatment by Maria Galland € 48,–
Make up with consultation € 48,–
Eyelash or eyebrow tinting € 18,–
Brow shaping € 15,–

Pedicure, Manicure & Hair Removal

More wellbeing offers

Sometimes a little selfishness is called for. Because only those who think of themselves can also be there for others. So how about a little beauty booster? A little freshness boost in terms of pre-aging? It's all about tension and relaxation, dynamism and calm. To keep coming back to yourself. To overcome time, to take yourself out of the constantly accelerating pace of our time. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to pause suddenly. To let the momentum of everyday life simply roll over you. And to jump on the wave of relief that comes afterwards. Surfing it in a feeling of weightlessness, of not having to do anything and being able to do everything.

Indulgent pampering treatments are a first step into a balanced new body feeling. Through the triad of body, mind and soul being in harmony, it leads to an unprecedented  relaxation. Let's call it letting the soul unwind, or shall we call it good gut feeling, in any case it is a smile that magically appears on the lips of our guests after our treatments.

"Finally letting go. Relaxed to the last fiber.
And I feel the radiance rising within me.
First from within, it penetrates very slowly to the outside as well..."

hrough a special range of personally tailored treatment methods with high-quality care products from the companies Estèe Lauder, Guerlain and Maria Galland, we can compensate for deficiencies and visibly improve the skin structure. After skin analysis and consultation with our competent staff, we will put together an individual cosmetic program for you.

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