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Fine wines from Austria and around the world



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This, in turn, makes the palate smile. In the DAS NEUHAUS vinotheque in the Salzburger Land, Burgenland meets Wachau - and southern Styria competes with Carnuntum for the best sip. But the new world is also not letting itself be left behind - and contributes one or the other delicacy. Quietly, Tuscany joins in, before Bordeaux pushes itself to the fore. But the French have much more in store. The citrus notes of a Chablis and the cranberry nuances of a Cabernet Sauvignon are beguiling. Until Italy speaks up again with a heavy, velvety Amarone - and finally the sweet wine from Austria rounds off the bouquet.

Wine culture around the world awaits you at DAS NEUHAUS.

Your Vinotheque in the Salzburger Land

In Vino veritas

The truth is said to be in the wine. In vino sensum. The feelings are also in the wine. Not to say at its feet. Enjoy the fine sparkling sweetness of an aperitif as an entrée, followed by the fine ethereal and exotic note of a tart white, according to the motto: Green, fresh, pure is all I have.... To then switch to a Lady in Red as the highlight. At DAS NEUHAUS, we offer wine culture for connoisseurs. Love for wine, without being pushy. But always with a wink. Well, you can only smile enthusiastically. Also in many nuances. In the Hotel DAS NEUHAUS wine cellar there are many secrets waiting to be discovered. Let our wine experts recommend the wine that will accompany your menu in perfect harmony. To start, perhaps first a small beer, a light Prosecco, a sparkling Aperol or a fruity long drink?

In any case, it goes easy through the evening. From the bar to the restaurant and back again. Delicious, light, enjoyable.

Already tried it?

The DAS NEUHAUS Wine edition

Enjoy our own DAS NEUHAUS Edition in white and red and let us take you on a journey through the world of wine! Our sommelier will be happy to assist you with decanting the perfect drop for your palate!

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