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Adventure vacation in Salzburg province

Active vacation


For more effect. More enjoyment. And more relaxation. Active holidays in Saalbach means a perfect combination of sporting activity and a large portion of regeneration and enjoyment. Whether hiking, cycling, golfing in summer or skiing, snowboarding and winter hiking in the cold season, exercise in the fresh air and in the beautiful countryside around the Hotel DAS NEUHAUS actively reduces stress, releases happiness hormones and is good for body, mind and soul.

Discover Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Laughter & Adventure

Here the whirring of the alpine air. There the vastness of the panoramic view. You see further. And you feel more intensely. The colors are stronger, the herbs taste more aromatic - and everything smells of life. Because one thing is clear: with every additional meter above the sea, the air gets thinner. In the mountains, the body works at full speed and produces more red blood cells to transport more oxygen. Top athletes like to take advantage of this effect. The body becomes more efficient, the mind freer. Training or exercise at around 1,500 m above sea level strengthens the immune system and accelerates the body's own high-altitude flights. The rule is: the longer, the better.

Of course, those who cannot stay in the mountains for so long can also benefit from the positive effect on the body. The slower pace of life, the many hours of sunshine and the fresh air allow the body to recharge its batteries. High altitudes are also particularly low in allergens and pollutants and are therefore ideal for strengthening body, mind and soul.

It's about being "connected" with nature again. Discovering a new sense of groundedness.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Breathe deeply. Breathe freely.

The higher, the better the air is. Less oxygen, more purity, clarity and cleanliness. The pure of nature can be felt up close. First breathe in, then breathe out again. The high-altitude climate in the mountains around Saalbach-Hinterglemm is perfect for inhaling and recharging your batteries. Hundreds of meters above sea level. On the balcony of the Alps. In focus? Our airways. To catch your breath, stand still and slow down. 

Step into the alpine world and its nature. Quiet and lively, clear and so homey. Fresh and peaceful: a place for guests who appreciate the luxury of retreat. And for people who recognize the value of true greatness in small things. Because that always comes from ourselves. And that is precisely why many things "go" more easily here in Saalbach in the down-to-earth Pinzgau. From one place of strength to another, the diverse range of walking and hiking trails invites you to take a deep breath. Winter and summer cross-country trails, tracks, paths and trails lead to the top. Perhaps because of the mountain air. Possibly simply as small personal flights of fancy through the lightness of the ground combined with the tradition in the change of the future, which smells so sweet and pleasant here.

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