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A la Carte Restaurant
in Saalbach


Laughter & Culinary

By this we mean light elegant nuances, a touch of internationality spiced with a pinch of local heartiness - and the symbiosis of absolute freshness and the best ingredients. That is the secret of the DAS NEUHAUS cuisine. Regional products, where we feel the freshness, meet warm-hearted charisma from grandmother's recipe book. And international sophistication happily peeks over the edge of many a plate. The cuisine smells of honey from the Tauern, fresh game from the surrounding forests, agricultural products from the Pinz- and Pongau, mushrooms from the Lungau. We offer a cuisine to feel. To experience sensually. To smell and taste.

How does our a la carte restaurant enchant even the most sensitive palate? With the in-house Cuisine de Pinzgau.

Indulgence has become a holistic thing. We no longer only strive for the taste temptations, but above all for the ever new found nutritional guidelines. There is everything in the trendy offer from Vegan to Keto and from Low Carb to Organic. The ideas and edible cure-alls often change on a weekly basis.

Good is what is good for us

Here at DAS NEUHAUS we cook with what nature offers us seasonally and from the region. Preferably sustainably. From the raw materials to the lasting pleasure. That's why our cuisine is colorful, it's fresh, and most of it comes from local farmers. Fresh lettuce hearts join crisp vegetables and Pinzgauer steaks meets freshly caught Alpine salmon. To top it off, a fine apple strudel ice cream with baked apple rings and cinnamon. Who is up for it?

Sustainability meets dessert

And appetizer meets culinary pioneers. Basically, it's always about the same thing in culinary matters. To meet the taste. The good, the unusual, the vegetarian, the vegan, often also the gluten-free, the Mediterranean as well as the international - and last but not least the classic. And that's exactly what DAS NEUHAUS culinary delights are all about. Indulgence on the sustainability track. Always trying something new, creating exciting nuances that challenge without overwhelming. Combining local delicacies with avant-garde cuisine, fruity-fresh, vegetable-light, that is always on the daily menu at DAS NEUHAUS Bistro. Or a burger as burner of the day? A steak for the culinary freak? Or a Tafelspitz to go with the silverware? The alpine salmon in a salt crust for the mountain climber and the hand-pulled Millirahmstrudel for the pastry lover?

Just get involved, let yourself be pampered and have a good time! This applies to the wine just as much as to the food. Whether spicy-light, fruity-tart or velvety-heavy, the DAS NEUHAUS wine edition has the perfect accompaniment for every culinary journey!

The highlights on our menu

The steaks in the DAS NEUHAUS a la Carte restaurant are not only the specialty of the house, but almost something like a hobbyhorse of our chef. After years of culinary stays in Argentina, he simply knows how to roast, grill or sizzle a good piece of meat perfectly to the point. These South American experiences in combination with our gourmet pieces of Pinzgauer beef are always a delicacy - whether rare, medium or well done. Our signature steak - the large Tomahawk, served by the chef himself - is also available upon reservation.

The DAS NEUHAUS steaks from domestic cattle - for meat lovers

  • Filet (160 g or 200 g)
  • Surf & Turf (160 g or 200 g)
  • Rib Eye (200 g or 250 g)

With this we serve: Baked potato, French fries, roasted potato, grilled vegetables, steamed vegetables, small salad.


Reserve a table at +43-6541-7151 and spend an unforgettable evening in our bistro. For special occasions we recommend our Wildbachstube.

Fine wines - The DAS NEUHAUS wine editions

You will find exquisite vintages in our wine cellar. Our wine list is a journey through the best growing areas of Austria and the rest of the world. Our sommelier knows them all and is looking forward to recommending you the wine that will accompany your evening menu in perfect harmony.


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