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Gift certificates

Give the gift of a parcel full of time! Time to enjoy. Time to relax. Time to smile. With gift certificates from DAS NEUHAUS!

"Happiness comes to those who laugh."

Japanese proverb

Moments, snapshots, images in our minds. We have everything, and yet we often lack the necessary time to enjoy it. That's why we give just that! Time to smile. To live. To enjoy.

Time is precious for all who are happy
Short for all who are cheerful
Long for all who wait
But for all who love
Time is eternity.
Free after Henry van Dyke

"A gift is like a shooting star.
It spontaneously lights up the sky of everyday life."

There is always an occasion for that. Birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, wedding or anniversary? As a gift, thank you or just in between?

We are happy to answer your questions about our voucher offers: 

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