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Indoor pool & Saltwater whirlpool

Hotel with Pool


into the warm water

Because the focus is on water. The infinite lightness of being. Without water, no life. Without water no flow, no movement, no energy. At DAS NEUHAUS****superior you will experience water in great variety. The 12 m x 8 m sports pool. The whirlpool. The salt water pool. The sensory showers. Water as a fountain of youth, anywhere you feel.

You are looking for a hotel with pool in Salzburger Land? Here you go! At DAS NEUHAUS SPA our liquid elixir of life can be experienced in many forms.

In the weightlessness of the water, let all ballast flow away. Let us feel the energy of the water. Let's accept it and absorb it. In the warm whirlpool we feel safe. Let's slow down our lives in the indoor pool and quench our thirst for tranquility with the unadulterated wonderful alpine spring water.

Whether it's a sporty swim, splashing around or daydreaming in the whirlpool: just throw off the heaviness of everyday life and feel the childlike carefreeness of the light movements. Allow your own inner ebb and flow and enjoy a new rhythm in the course of the tides.

Swimming is healthy

Hotel with Pool

It has been known for many years, even scientific studies confirm it, and our own experience also shows it: swimming is healthy. Yes, it may even be the healthiest sport there is. Sporty swimming gets the cardiovascular system going and trains the heart muscle, increasing one's own efficiency. Swimming is also beneficial for joints and spine. Because in the water the joints and intervertebral discs are relieved. It also strengthens the muscles of the torso and back. Another advantage of swimming is the low risk of injury and the high calorie expenditure.

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