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Caresses for Body & Soul

Massages in the DAS NEUHAUS


Loosen, relax & invigorate

In other words, it's about our personal resilience to deal with life's challenges in the best possible way. Because the quintessence of resilience is as simple as it is difficult and is always the same: the glass is always half full and never half empty, just as the vacation has always just begun and is never almost coming to an end. So be mindful of our images in our heads, which we should ideally always accompany with a smile.

Resilience is one of the current topics of our time. It is the ability to master the challenges of life and any crises as effectively as possible.



Treatment Duration Price
Partial body massage 25 Min. € 48,-
Aroma relaxation massage 55 Min. € 105,-
Full body massage   55 Min. € 94,-
Foot reflexology massage 30 Min. € 55,-
Lymphatic drainage 30 Min. € 55,-
Massage mix 55 Min. € 94,-
Sports massage 45 Min. € 84,-
Children massage (until 15 o'clock) 15 Min. € 28,-

Special Massages

More wellbeing offers

Healing hands that stimulate the skin with gentle or sporty strokes always fill the glass of life with fresh energy. Because the point is to activate the nerves. And relax the muscles. What could be better than being wonderfully kneaded? With more or less pressure, depending on your preference. Massage is one of the oldest remedies in the world: it relieves tension and muscle pain, shortens the recovery time after an injury and sustainably reduces stress symptoms. "Massage therapies, especially in regular sessions, help to bring body and mind into optimal harmony. However, there is no miracle model for this. Everyone must find out for themselves and their body how regularly the massages are enjoyed," says Simon, our masseur.

From tension to relaxation

Gentle pressure for fresh energy

Tensions are gently released, thereby accelerating muscle regeneration and promoting blood circulation. The energy flow gets freshly started and cell regeneration is activated. Massages are a true fountain of youth and a never-ending source of well-being.

Trustingly placing yourself in healing hands also has a lot to do with letting go and allowing. Diving into a world of relaxation and feeling how the gentle strokes make the hardening from the muscles disappear, the connective tissue tightens and the blood circulation is promoted. Recognize your own center and center your chi. This frees the chakras and allows the energy to flow, carrying us away in a swirl of joie de vivre to lofty heights of relaxation....

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