The Hotel Neuhaus

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Life is a dream

Anyone who wants to scale the peaks of happiness, has to let go some time to get up there! With us you get to experience the magic of lovely Alpine spots and unforgettable 'peak' moments.

Dream in balance

Life is a dream. Often sung, discussed at length. That time finally arrives in NEUHAUS. Less of a hotel and more a pleasure-filled oasis, our rooms & suites are an exciting blend of well-being elements, from Alpine chic to stylish naturalness. We have designed our refuges for you, with the courage to be different. Rooms which you want to stay in and where you want time to stand still. Light and shadow plays which set you dreaming. Design as lyricism, which whispers love and yearning. A wondrous journey, not via wallpaper, but via homely wood and warm colours, which tempt you to just relax and unwind. Into the depths of your own soul. And the gentleness of relaxing dreamy realms.

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Appartement Saalbachkogel


Skifahrer wirbelt Schnee auf


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Everything is perfect. Brilliant rooms, brilliant service, brilliant food. There really is nothing negative to say.
– Clemens (41-45) | 5.0 out of 5 points on

’Letting be’ is about casting off, leaving things alone, letting things happen. Yet when you think creatively while on holiday you can feel that certain something that takes hold after a short time – an inner smile and letting go! Enjoy the light and airy atmosphere here with us in the 4 star Hotel Neuhaus.