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E-biking in the province of Salzburg

Your E-Bike holiday
in Saalbach


Laughter & Cycling

Especially for those who do not want to climb the peaks of the Kitzbüheler Alps primarily with their own muscle power. Marked routes around Saalbach Hinterglemm provide orientation, and with the e-bike it is no problem to start more challenging tours and reach summit crosses that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The unique panorama can be particularly enjoyed on numerous high-altitude trails.

E-biking is the new mountain biking.

To ensure that the battery does not run out on the road, several huts in Saalbach Hinterglemm are already equipped with charging stations for e-bikes. So that an unhindered cycling pleasure does not fail because of the empty bike battery. In addition, riding technique courses for e-bike beginners are offered in the village - definitely a tip to get more out of your e-bike.

Altitude meters lose their terror. And riding up serpentines can even be fun. Because pedaling uphill is simply easier with Turbo as the pleasure factor. So when we climb lofty heights, it's with the e-bike from now on!

The DAS NEUHAUS E-Bike-benefits

For your unforgettable vacation with bike

  • Bicycle rack in front of the hotel 
  • own room for repairs
  • own washing place, so you can bring your e-bike back to shine
  • fitness breakfast in the morning
  • free trekking bikes
  • Top modern e-bikes are available from our partner Bründl Sports, on which there is a 10% discount for our house guests. We recommend booking before arrival. 
  • Tour map with descriptions and the best tour tips from Saalbach's bikers
  • Video monitored & lockable room for mountain bikes
  • On the day of departure: shower possibility & luggage storage

Our e-bike offer
for an unforgettable bike experience

More than 400 km of bike routes and over 40 huts are waiting to be conquered while e-biking in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Find your perfect tour, depending on the desired route length, ascent and routing and enjoy the opportunity to explore the mountain world effortlessly and enjoy the landscape to the fullest. Flowing trails and tracks also give the necessary kick for an exciting day on the bike.

With the interactive touring map, orientation around the Hotel DAS NEUHAUS is made easy. Here you will find information on all tours in the region of Saalbach Hinterglemm, Saalfelden, Leogang, Fieberbrunn and Zell am See. In addition, you will receive a detailed description, photo impressions of the route, many more tips and tricks and, of course, the appropriate GPS track to download. Have fun with your tour planning.

Uphill. Downhill.

And over many, many meters of altitude. What often seems impossible with the classic mountain bike for the amateur athlete is a perfect sporting pleasure for everyone with the e-bike. For a long time, electric bikes were considered training aids for lazy people. Quite incorrectly. Despite the drive assistance, an e-bike does not ride on its own, but merely reinforces the pedaling. The difference between an e-bike and a conventional bike is that as soon as the rider reaches the limit of his or her endurance, he or she can continue to ride in a relaxed manner, simply by using the additional drive. In fact, the e-bike offers quite a few advantages.

To achieve the same speed, e-bikers need up to 30 percent less power on average. In concrete terms, a cyclist with electric assistance can cover three times the distance in the same time at twice the cadence as a cyclist without motor assistance. This guarantees fast progress even in headwinds, and in the optimum exertion range to boot.

Like and unlike go together

In your circle of friends there are both fitness freaks and couch potatoes? With the e-bike, training in a group becomes much more relaxed. People with different levels of fitness can enjoy nature together in this way. If the fitness level of the group is too high, the added power can be adjusted. If the training stimulus is lacking, switching off the assistance or adding resistance provides an appropriate impulse.

The e-bike and the personal battery!

Exercise is healthy. That's nothing new as far as it goes. But how e-biking can contribute to personal well-being is briefly touched on here. It's a well-known fact that cycling gets the cardiovascular system going. It is not for nothing that doctors and rehab experts repeatedly advise people to engage in moderate cycling. In contrast to a normal bike, an e-bike allows you to test your individual exercise limits much more effectively, since, for example, the support of the e-drive immediately has a beneficial effect on climbs or longer touring journeys - and thus strengthens the physique in a holistic manner. No other sport can combine the useful with the pleasant as well as cycling! The e-bike has achieved an outstanding position here that no gym or other sport can so easily top. Cycling with the fresh kick of nature is considered the undisputed number one among endurance sports from an orthopedic and coronary point of view.

E-bike vacation in the province of Salzburg

All those who want to take a leisurely bike tour are in good hands on the 23 km long Glemmtal Cycle Path and on the supra-regional Tauern Cycle Path. Those who want to take their e-bike for a longer tour in the mountains should take along an exchangeable battery and their own charging cable. This way you can easily charge the battery at one of the many e-bike charging stations at the huts.

Our tip: Leisurely bike tour from Hinterglemm to Viehhofen. You can start your bike trip directly at the hotel DAS NEUHAUS. On the 12.6 km long route to Viehhofen you ride comfortably along the Saalach river. The moderate incline on the way back is easily manageable by bike.

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