Spray, splash, enjoy!

Into the warm waters: Indoor pool and whirl pool.

The endless ease of being. Without water there is no life. Without water there is no flow, no movement, no energy. In the NEUHAUS you get to experience water in all its guises. The 12 m x 8 m sports pool. The whirl pool. Luxurious showers. Water as a life elixir, one which is also palpable.

Physics knows it. Medicine knows it. We all know it. Matter is energy. Life is energy. We all are energy. Let it flow. Positively flow. Relaxingly flow. Feelings develop; become easy. In the weightlessness of water discover a whole new way to float, letting all burdens float away. Feel the energy of water. Take it in and let it wash over. In the hot whirl pool feel as safe as you did in the womb. In our indoor pool life slows down and we quench our thirst with unadulterated, fantastic Alpine spring water.

Whether it is during an energetic swim, splashing about or daydreaming in the whirl pool – just cast aside the burdens of daily life and feel childlike carefree nature of easy movement. Enabling your own inner ebb and flow and enjoying a new rhythm with the tides.