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Unforgettable holidays in the 4 star Hotel Neuhaus

What do you like to enjoy during your holiday? A stay in a  double room, a Junior suite or maybe even in a Superior suite? How many people are coming and what level of luxury do you have in mind?

Double room Superior for Single use

Double room Classic

Double room Superior

Double room Deluxe


Juniorsuite Superior

Juniorsuite Deluxe

"Mountain View" Family

Family apartment Superior

Family apartment Deluxe

Superior suite

Superior suite deluxe

Double room Superior Wildbach

Double room Deluxe Wildbach

Double room "Mountain View"

Double room "Mountain View"

Juniorsuite Wildbach Premium

Family apartment Wildbach Premium

Family apartment "Mountain View"

Choose the right room for you and your companions from our room categories and enjoy unforgettable days in the Hotel Neuhaus. Whatever option to choose, the 4 star superior Hotel Neuhaus hass something to suit your needs. With plenty of love for detail and the ultimate in sleeping comfort, we off er you a holiday base with a maximum of luxury and a distinctive homely atmosphere.

Sleep in balance

The power of deep sleep. Sleep makes you smart and provides protection against colds. This is what sleep researchers have discovered. We learn during deep sleep. In contrast, too little sleep reduces our ability to learn and tired people are ill more often. Eyes shut - and your brain is taking a break? Sleep researchers have essentially cleared up this fallacy, since sleep is an active process, during which time a great deal happens – and when so-called delta brain waves choose what has been learned during the day to put in your long-term memory. That is why in NEUHAUS it is not just the pillows that are designed for sleep, the materials and colours also have a calming effect. Here cosiness and snugness meet, supplemented by homeliness, aesthetics and lifestyle. The result? An oasis which has a 24-hour relaxation factor!

In Neuhaus everything is right. Fantastic rooms, super clean, fantastic breakfast, super cuisine, service that is unparalleled, a very cordial welcome and friendly staff who are ready to help.
In short, everything here really is just right.
Michael (51-55) | 5.0 out of 5 points on

Sleeping systems

The ultimate in sleeping comfort is off ered with the JOKA box spring bed. This sleeping system and the triple-glazed windows ensure a wonderfully relaxing sleep. The absorption base prohibits noise from developing, while a double-padded sprung mattress guarantees perfect comfort in lying, while ideally supporting the body in every sleeping position.

Pillows à la carte

  • Relaxing millet pillows
  • Rose slumber pillows
  • Alpine Swiss pine pillows
  • Mountain herbs energy pillows
  • Pillows to help alleviate headaches
  • Pillows to help you breathe freely when you have a cold

Natural materials

Step into a mix of timelessly classic and modern design. A harmonic symphony of old wood, translucent glass and exquisite materials creates uniquely relaxing moments. Natural materials and colours also have a calming effect. Here cosiness and snugness meet, supplemented by homeliness, aesthetics and lifestyle.