Take some time out

Your sauna realm in the Hotel Neuhaus

Hot temperatures & gentle aromatic steam

Take some time out and lose all notion of time. In our saunas you not only get to enjoy perspiring healthily -  a visit to our sauna realm strengthens your immune system and makes your skin feel lovely.

It also provides the best opportunity to re-balance and just enjoy the moment. In between sauna sessions you can relax in our relaxation rooms and a massage in our Beauty Oasis will ensure you are completely relaxed.

Only over 16s are permitted in the sauna area.

Our extensive sauna selection

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is one the most traditional forms of perspiration and has been practiced for centuries. Typically the temperatures are high, around 90° C, with relatively low humidity. Our Finnish  sauna has an infusion dispenser – which makes enjoying a sauna visit more pleasant and straightforward. Just lie back and enjoy the effects of the heat.


Here the therapeutic effect of a sauna are combined with a steam bath, which, with its Aquaviva – which has acoustic and visual stimulation – provides a healing climate at approx. 60°.

Steam bath

During a steam bath your body temperature is elevated slowly. This has the advantage that you get to enjoy heat of 45° more and you enjoy a lovely warm feeling in your body even a few days after the treatment. The gentle luminosity provided by the starry sky effect and coloured light therapy make this steam bath really very special.

Infrared cabins

Infrared radiation suffuses the room, only becoming effective when it comes into contact with your body. Your circulation and lymph system then radiate more heat (40-50°) within your body, which yields a lovely feeling of warmth, deep relaxation and intensive healing perspiration.