Massages in the Neuhaus help you unwind, relax, stimulate.

Balsam for body & soul.

Healing hands that stimulate the skin with gentle or vigorous strokes. Stimulating neural pathway. Relaxing muscles. What could be nicer than enjoying your tired muscles being eased? With whatever pressure you prefer, vigorous or more gentle.

Tensions are gently eased, accelerating muscle regeneration and promoting circulation. Renewed energy flows, activating cell regeneration. Massages are a genuine fountain of youth and an inexhaustible source of well-being...


Partial body massage 20 Min.€ 35,–
Cellulite massage 20 Min.€ 35,–
Full body massage 30 Min. / 55 Min.€ 43,– / € 78,–
Foot reflex zones massage 30 Min.€ 46,–
Lymphatic drainage 30 Min.€ 46,–
Massage mix 55 Min.€ 78,–
Sport massage 45 Min.€ 68,–
Massage for children (until 4.00 pm) 15 Min.€ 20,–

Special massages

Sea salt massage 60 Min.€ 94,–
Body-Fit massage 40 Min.€ 62,–
Ayurveda full body massage 60 Min.€ 105,–
Aroma relax massage 50 Min.€ 85,–
La Stone Therapy 60 Min.€ 114,–