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Wellness | Das Neuhaus

Well-being treatments in the Neuhaus.

Body treatments and wraps.

‘Tell me how you feel and I will tell you who you are!’

Actually it is not so difficult. You put yourself first for once. Start to enjoy yourself. Re-discovering yourself. Taking yourself seriously. Suddenly feeling young, at ease, invigorated.

Feel relaxation and fresh energy. Then this new energy begins to flow. That is the big secret. Enjoy the greatest possible relaxation and wellbeing with our body treatments. Whatever your need, ailment and requirements, we have treatment methods to suit you specifically, and bespoke products to match.

Body Treatments

Full body peeling massage€ 39,–
Caring body compress or aroma compress€ 46,–
Partial body package witch active ocean mud (Thalasso therapy)€ 42,–
Vein compress for tired feet€ 49,–
Sliming pack (Algae, plants, sea water Thalasso)€ 88,–

Wrap & packs

Full body wrap
The full body wrap act purifying and remineralising.
€ 84,–
Cellulite wrap
The cellulite wrap activates the blood circulation and the fat metabolism.
€ 82,–
Natural mud pack
The natural mud pack stimulate the metabolism and loosen the muscles.
€ 52,–
Oil pack
Valuable oils provide a silky skin.
€ 46,–
Sea salt pack
Mineral rich sea salt with nourishing oils which gently provide intense radiant skin.
€ 62,–