Be pampered.

Facial treatments & Cosmetics in the Neuhaus.

True beauty comes from within.

But a little bit of outside help often has a turbo effect, to help this beauty genuinely shine through. However, what is important above all else, is that you find yourself beautiful.

It is often not enough to be beautiful. Only a person who loves themselves can actually feel beautiful too. Light a beacon of love! Treat yourself to some wonderful time just for you. As a token of your new self-awareness. For inner beauty.

‘Finally let go. Relaxing right down to your very last fibre. Feel the radiance arise. From within initially, then slowly on the outside to …’

Face Treatments

Basic treatment: cleaning, massage, mask or ampulla€ 77,–
Face, neck and décolleté treatment with peeling and ampulla€ 114,–
Thalasso therapy for face (supply of minerals and vitamins)€ 128,–
Face modellage (for problematic zones)€ 77,–
Special cleaning treatment with peeling massage€ 77,–
Hydration treatment (intensive supply for moisture)€ 129,–
Face massage€ 55,–
Special face & head massage€ 62,–
Special eye treatment by Maria Galland€ 48,–
Make up with consultation€ 48,–
To duy eyelashes or eyebrows€ 18,–
To blug eyebrows€ 15,–