Enjoy this harmony in the Neuhaus in Saalbach.

Balance. Feeling in harmony.

Too far up does not work – nor does too far down.

A rollercoaster of feelings is just as cumbersome as that eternal ups and downs in your professional life, in your private life and in your all aspects of your body. We need balance. Proportion. Harmony. Yin & Yang in balance.

It is about tension and relaxation. Dynamics and tranquillity. To always achieve quietude again. Overcoming time, removing yourself from the ever quickening pace of our time. At times it does not do any harm to just completely stop for a while. Just let the momentum of daily life roll away. And letting the wave of ease, which is behind it, emerge. Surfing on a feeling of weightlessness; of not having to do anything, but being able to do anything.

Yoga, Pilates and co. are the first steps to a balanced, new body feeling. With the harmonious triad of body, mind and soul this levelling also helps to create a heartfelt release of tension that has never been there before. We call that unwinding, a good feeling in your core, at any rate it is a smile which, as if by magic, is evident on the faces of guests staying in the Neuhaus.

Whether it is in the sauna, steam bath or relaxing, it is this balance of sensations, feelings, experiences and enjoyment, the path to your inner being, your own centre, that brings us every closer to our own selves.

Neuhaus balance tips:

  • Enjoy yourself regularly. Each and every day needs a portion of fun!
  • Keep moving. Vitality needs activity. Whether it is sport, going for a walk or fitness, your body needs to move!
  • Take breaks. You need quiet periods every day. To each his or her their own tranquillity.
  • Listen to yourself. Your body knows best what it needs. Whoever does not listen to it cannot understand themselves ….
  • Treat yourself to something! Joie de vivre begins the very moment you do something good for yourself – whether it is a massage, a facial or a refreshment stop in an Alpine inn. Anything that does you good is the order of the day!