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Krimmler Wasserfall mit Regenbogen | Das Neuhaus

Experience the fascinating guises of water

Water realms in Salzburger Land

All about the element of water

Whether it is streams, waterfalls, lakes or seas – water inspires in so many different guises. We have listed the loveliest water realms in the region for you. Tips and information for your trip are available at Reception.

Krimml Waterfalls

Krimml Waterfalls, which have a fall height of 380 metres, are the highest throughout Europe. The impressive natural spectacle of water and stone is fascinating and invigorates numerous visitors from across the globe year after year. A specifically designed hiking trail takes you right past impressive waterfalls and lets every visitor see the unbelievable power of water. The informative ‘WaterWonderWorld’ is situated in Krimml. In the ‘House of Water’, the Aqua Park and the multi-visual cinema, you get an in-depth insight into the exciting topic of water and learn lots of interesting facts about its healing effects. The ‘House of Water’ explains lots of special features about water in the exhibition ‘Phenomenal Water’.

Kitzloch gorge

In the middle of Salzburger Land, on the outskirts of the Hohe Tauern National Park, is Taxenbach and the unique natural spectacle that is Kitzloch gorge. The ice from the Ice Age melted over the course of millennia and the rain water along with the debris carried along from the Rauriser Ache washed along and created a strange gorge in the rocks. Step into the past of Kitzloch gorge and explore the unique hermitage and the impressive limestone caves.

Lake Zell Magic

Water, music, light & Laser show on Lake Zell - the new attraction every Thursday and Sunday evenings from  June until the middle of September. Be whisked off into another world at the bandstand in Elisabeth Park in Zell am See for around 20 minutes.

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Water Wonder World Krimml

House of Water

The exhibition area in the ‘House of Water’ is predominantly about imparting information: with exciting experiments and surprising facts, for instance the theme ‘Hohe Tauern Health’, a health initiative with special offers for people with allergies and asthmatics. The new ‘water cinema’ means even the smallest movements on the water surface can be seen thanks to the innovative technologies and specifically programmed projectors.


Inside the water fall centre Aquaszenarium is the only projection show in Austria which interactively involves visitors. Projections are made on the floor and on the walls and these can be influenced and changed through touch and by walking on them.

This multi-media facility is a fun way of immersing visitors in four water realms – starting with the riparian landscape at the top of the Ache Waterfall, where you get to enjoy interactive play with projections featuring butterflies, grasses and fish. This continues to a water stage where visitors feel that they are right in the middle of the waterfall and are able to reach out and grasp would-be treasures. The third theme is the underwater realm, where the visitor is miniaturised to the size of microbes by an optical shrinking process. In the fourth themed realm the tempo is speeded up again on the surface of the water, then you head back to the starting point of your journey.


A magical realm at the head of the valley

In the realm of Teufelswasser at the head of the valley there is an extensive  theme park which has lots of play and wellness stations based on the element water. A Kneipp pool is also available, as is a fishing pond, a little playhouse in the forest, mill wheel, rock pool, cave trail, Alpine herb trail and a stone dragon square, a realm of fairies and dwarves and dancing forest spirits. Rest points have also been positioned at various points.

One fascinating attraction in Saalbach Hinterglemm is the head of the valley hike to Teufelswasser. Parents and children hike through the extensive theme park, that provides families plenty of games and wellness stations based around the element of water. Special features include:

  • Kneipp pool
  • Fishing pond
  • Little playhouse in the forest
  • Mill wheel
  • Rock pool
  • Cave trail
  • Alpine herbal trail