En route to your own self

The Neuhaus in balance

Relaxation in balance


At first you only know the good it is doing – yet you don't know exactly what. Then you suddenly notice, the beneficial tranquillity. Suddenly it is all about you. You hear, sense, and smell the place where you are.


We close the doors to normality for a while. Anyone who encounters nature with all their senses will discover themselves and their very own rhythm. Through the triad of body, mind and soul, this unfamiliar feeling of letting go also brings about a complete feeling of relaxation - like you have never experienced before. We call this letting our soul be free, it’s like having butterflies in your tummy; at any rate it is a smile that snuggles into our soul as if by magic. Our highlights include a hike with all the senses and yoga on the mountain.

Infinite regeneration

Room for the self. When time slows down and the clocks start ticking slower. Human and nature in harmony. Body, Mind & Soul holistically united. Flora and fauna in harmony with the seasons and the elements. Simply latch onto this great cycle of being active and zestful with our regeneration offers!

Healthy winter - programme of health exclusive to Neuhaus


Relaxation and tension. In harmony with the calming flow of breathing. Experience a wide range of asanas and a gentle introduction into the realm of yoga & more. Meditation techniques, breathing and body exercises bring serenity and relaxation to day-to-day life. A perfect way to bring a superb day in the snow to a close.

Aqua Fit

Fitness & vitality in the perceived ease of the element of water. Coordination and fitness are gently trained and improved in a hands-on manner. The result – a dynamic improvement in your cardiovascular system and also in specific muscles.


Pilates is contemporary posture training that works all the muscles in your body, shaping and defining it. As well as a slimmer figure – like yoga – it also has a relaxing effect. This training targets deep muscles in particular, which is why it is also suitable for losing weight.


Stretching from "to stretch" is all about lengthening and extending muscles. Individual muscles and muscle groups are statically stretched during stretching over a period of between 20 and 30 seconds. Static means that the stretched position is held for that period of time. Regular stretching keeps muscles elastic and supple. In
addition, stretching is also good for warming up. Muscles can be prepared for actual sport with the help of a well though-out stretching programme.